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Experience Pebble Island with your knowledgeable guide.
Tours can be tailored to the wishes of the client if availability allows and a drop off service is available for those who might like to walk at £30 each way per car.
East Tour
Wildife-based tour, with abundant wildfowl in the ponds, Elephant Beach, sea lions at Cape Tamar, the Penguin Coast and several small colonies of rockhopper and imperial cormorants. There is a pair of resident macaroni penguins, so it is possible to get five species of penguin here also. Includes a visit to the eastern most point, Tamar Pass, to see albatross and other sea birds feeding in the tide race.
Duration: 6-7 hours
£85 per person - full day
West Tour
Takes in the war history, four species of penguin and a fifth if there happens to be a visiting king penguin. We visit a largecolony of rockhoppers and have the opportunity to see numerous large and small bird species, including a giant petrel breeding site; with great views up the island and along the coast, the penguin silhouette caves and beautiful sandy beaches. Later in the season, dolphins are a regular visitor.
Duration: 6-7 hours
£85 per person - full day
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